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Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

The ‘mini’ Puppet Show by Woro Mustikasiwi in Sanggar Greget Semarang

In Sanggar Greget Semarang, there was a mini puppet show on Sunday afternoon around 4 p.m. Sanggar Greget held a “syukuran” (expression of gratitude to God) for its birthday that already on April 25 and the achievement got as The Best Performance in Pawai Budaya Nusantara TMII at the same time.

The puppet show was presented by Woro Mustikasiwi, one of Sanggar Greget’s students. She is around 9 years old and study as the 3rd grade student at SD Jomblang. This amazing kid can dance some traditional dances, “nembang” (sing Javanesse Song that called Macapat without any instrument), and puppetry. In her very young age, she is already become a “dalang cilik” (narrator and puppeteer of traditional shadow plays). \(^.^)/
The show ran about 1 hour. The scene of the puppet show told us about Abimanyu and Punakawan. It used a simple conversation, of course in Javanesse. So, the most of the audience dominated children under 12 years old could understand the content. They were enjoying the show while they were eating “nasi kuning” together. They also were laughing when Woro said something funny and answered the question given.
In the middle of the puppet show, Woro also did “nembang”. She introduced her friend, Nugroho Pawestri, who beautifully sang some songs together with others “sinden” (a singer for puppet show) while the puppet show was going on. She is also 3rd grade student. At that time, she sang Dhandhanggula Semarangan and Gambang Semarang.
The purpose of this show is to introduce the puppetry to Sanggar Greget’s students (beginner, teenager, and adult). In the middle of the show, Woro introduced some characters in puppet like Batara Guru, Togog, Sri Rama, and Puntadewa. Mas Yoyok, as the owner of Sanggar Greget, wants to all his students not only can dance, but also know the Javanesse culture like Macapat (Java verse form to sing), Gamelan (Java instrument), and Wayang (Puppet).
            As the one of the audience, I did not miss any detail of the show. Lucky I can see the mini puppet show from the very near distance because I sat near the Sinden. Finally, I knew that all “Dalang” use their all part of body, mouth, hands, and also legs. It was a great when I can participate to save Indonesia heritage, especially my motherland, Java. I love to be a Javanesse.

(pictures.nya nyusul ahhh... lemoot nuy.. ^^) hhaha

Kamis, 28 April 2011

Arti Lambang Gerakan Pramuka

Bentuk lambang gerakan pramuka itu adalah Silhouette tunas kelapa. Arti kiasan lambang gerakan pramuka :
1.Buah nyiur dalam keadaan tumbuh dinamakan cikal, dan istilah cikal bakal di Indonesia berarti penduduk asli yang pertama, yang menurunkan generasi baru. Jadi lambang buah nyiur yang tumbuh itu mengkiaskan bahwa tiap anggota pramuka merupakan inti bagi kelangsungan hidup bangsa Indonesia.
2.Buah nyiur dapat bertahan lama dalam keadaan yang bagaimanapun juga. Jadi lambang itu mengkiaskan bahwa tiap anggota pramuka adalah seorang yang rohaniah dan jasmaniah sehat, kuat, dan ulet serta besar tekadnya dalam menghadapi segala tantangan dalam hidup dan dalam menempuh segala ujian dan kesukaran untuk mengabdi pada tanah air dan bangsa Indonesia.
3.Nyiur dapat tumbuh dimana saja, yang membuktikan besarnya daya upaya dalam menyesuaikan diri dalam mesy dimana dia berada dan dalam keadaan bagaimanapun juga.
4.Nyiur tumbuh menjulang lurus ke atas dan merupakan salah satu pohon yang tertinggi di Indonesia. Jadi lambang itu mengkiaskan bahwa tiap pramuka mempunyai cita-cita yang tinggi dan lurus, yakni yang mulia dan jujur, dan dia tetap tegak tidak mudah diombang-ambingkan oleh sesuatu.
5.Akar nyiur tumbuh kuat dan erat di dalam tanah. Jadi lambang itu mengkiaskan tekad dan keyakinan tiap pramuka yang berpegang pada dasar-dasar dan landasan-landasan yang baik, benar, kuat dan nyata ialah tekad dan keyakinan yang dipakai olehnya untuk memperkuat diri guna mencapai cita-citanya.
6.Nyiur adalah pohon yang serba guna dari ujung atas hingga akarnya. Jadi lambang itu mengkiaskan bahwa tiap pramuka adalah manusia yang berguna, dan membaktikan diri dan kegunaannya kepada kepentingan tanah air, bangsa dan negara Republik Indonesia serta kepada umat manusia.
Penggunaan Lambang
Lambang gerakan pramuka dapat digunakan pada panji, bendera, papan nama kwartir dan satuan, tanda pengenal administrasi gerakan pramuka. Penggunaan tersebut dimaksudkan sebagai alat pendidikan untuk mengingatkan dan meningkatkan kegiatan gerakan pramuka sesuai dengan kiasan yang ada pada lambang gerakan pramuka tersebut.

Minggu, 24 April 2011

Pawai Budaya Nusantara with Sanggar Greget

22- 24 April 2011
It is my first dancing performance with Sanggar Greget Semarang in Pawai Budaya Nusantara HUT 36th TMII in Jakarta.

On Friday, we went to Jakarta to do Glagi Resik on Saturday at TMII by bus.
We had our performance on Sunday at 3 p.m.
We performed "Batik Dance" to represent the culture and heritage from Jawa Tengah, That is 'Kain Batik'. We walked along TMII, doing Pawai with "Gamelan live".
There are eight groups performed Batik Dance with different properties.
1. Topeng (Mask)
2. Gunungan
4. Cenik
5. Payung (Umbrella)
6. Kain Batik
7. Caping
8. Kipas
and also there was a girl who sat in a chair by doing "Mbathik" used Canting.

in this project, I was Tata Rias Busana (Wardrobe official) with Ira as a coordinator,
Wardrobe team.. .^^
Mbak Wulan, Betania, and Mita.
We prepared the costumes and the jewels that we would wear in Pawai on one week before.
you'll see that we wear the same wardrobe.. \(^.^)/

Finally, We got our trophy as one of the 5 best performances.
It was a good present for our trainer "Mas Yoyok" who had a birthday on 25 April.

and also we met other region, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Nusa tenggara Barat, Kalimantan Tengah,
Jawa Barat, DKI Jakarta, Lampung, and others regions.

Actually I like dancing from I was a child.
I ever felt a great feeling like what I feel when doing 'pawai'.
at that time, I became a Majorette in Marching Band.
I was standing in front and led the team..
it is just the same with dancing, we have to smile and smile everytime when we act.

Life will be too short when we can do everything happily and we can be an useful person for others, for our family, for our environment, and of course, for our nation.
Times fly and we will realize that we can not go back to reach what we should have reach.
But, the everything will run slowly when we only spend our times to 'sleep'.
'sleep' means that we close our eyes. So, we can not see our own life.

Maybe some of us can not reach the dream, can not come to our good place.
But, that is NOT our problem to do something useful for NOT only ourselves.
..with the name of Allah..
I love my life to serve others..

Rabu, 13 April 2011

Animasi Purwacarita

Wayang, wayang, wayang..
kali ini animasi, jadi bisa dinikmati anak- anak untuk pendamping membaca buku.. ^^

Opening Purwacarita

Part 1

Part 2

bukannya narsis.. aku juga main.. hwawa.. main opo? cuma setor muka..
(that is what I can do for support ing wayang animation)
These video are made by Purwacarita,
Kak Pur, kami biasa memanggilnya, berdomisili di Kebumen,  jago animasi dan beliau mendedikasikan ilmunya untuk budaya Indonesia..
Wayang Purwa... ^.^
nih kalo mau liat blog.nya Purwacarita bisa langsung liat videonya juga...

Enjoy the videos and wait for the description of it.

I Love Wayang so much!! 

Minggu, 03 April 2011

Speaking Activity

All right, now we start speaking activity.
Asking Information

Look at the picture below and some words related to them.
They can help you to understand what the text about.

phone (telepon)
desk (meja)
chair (kursi)
talk (berbicara)
information (informasi)
person (orang)

Please pay attention to the expression in asking information below:
     - Would you like to...?
     - What can I do for you?
     - What kind of information...?
     - What time do you/ the office open?
     - I want to ask you about...?
     - Okay, you can get the information about ... in ..
     - Well, I will tell you ....

Now, watch this video and listen the conversation. There are two conversations.
First, two person talk in the desk.
Second, on the phone.
You can practice also by read the script. Please, pay attention on the pronunciation, expression, and intonation. So, listen carefully by click play on the video bellow:

or you can download by follow the link below:

It is time for you to practice the conversation based on the video and you can repeat after the persons who talk in the video. Choose one of your friend to do pair conversation with you.


*After you practice, please make one conversation script with your friend. You can choose one of the theme below:
  a. asking and getting information in hotel
  b. asking and getting information in school/ college
  c. asking and getting information in public places (post office, market, bank, etc)

Next, you record your voice by using the headset connect to the computer in Audacity program to record and convert your voice's extention file into .mp3, and then, you can burn the file into CD.

*Download and do the worksheet follow this link:

Print your worksheet.

Submit the CD and your worksheet when we meet in the class.

Enjoy your practice, Guys...!!!